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I have a voice.  Why have I imposed a self-exile on my voice?  Why have I allowed others to determine the use of my voice?  Why did I believe that my voice had no value, that it could not add to the cultural conversation, that it would be best for me not to use my voice?  No longer!

I do not have all the answers for the current condition of our society, but I do need to be part of the conversation.  No one knows what I am thinking, if I do not let my thoughts be known.  No one knows the contribution I can make to further the societal conversation, if I do not speak.  My silence, then, harms the whole.  No longer!

A person my agree or disagree with my thoughts.  That’s fine; but the thought of someone disagreeing with me must not hinder my duty to speak.  I have been given a voice.  It is a gift.  It is for the benefit of all.  It must be used.  I will not neglect the gift I have been given.  No longer!

I will speak the truth as I understand it.  I will expose my thoughts to any who will listen.  I will add to the conversation.  I must.  It is no longer an option to remain silent!

And you…will you join me?

Pastor Mark

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