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MLCC Thoughts - The Dealt Hand

Play the hand you are dealt

My wife and I like to play cribbage in the evening after our workday is finished.  At this point, it is not important to understand exactly how cribbage is played or scored.  Suffice it to say, each hand I receive six cards, from which I can only play four and must discard two.  Each turn I am dealt new cards to play with.  Some hands are great, others good and some are downright bad.  To be successful, and hopefully win, I must pay the cards dealt me. 

The state of the hand dealt to me changes, but the necessity of playing the hand I am dealt never changes.  I may not like the hand, wishing for better cards, but I still must do something with the cards dealt me.  I must play my hand.  They are the only cards I have to play with.  I will not be a victim of the cards.  Refusing to play a hand dealt me is not an option, if I want to be successful and win.  I must play the hand dealt me.

At birth, I am dealt a hand.  Some of the cards dealt to me I cannot change.  I cannot change the nation and family I was born into, the time in history I arrived, my sex, or my ethnicity.  These are fixed, but they are not the only cards I have.  I am continually dealt new cards to play with.  Some are great, some good, and others downright bad.

I can fight against the injustice of being dealt a bad hand.  I can whine that my cards are not as good as my neighbors.  I can try to take my neighbor’s cards when she is not looking.  I can refuse to play my cards well.  I can do these things and more, but I will never be successful, or succeed in winning the game, if I go down that road of anger, complaining, or violence against my neighbor.  I must play the cards dealt me.  In so doing, I am challenged to use my cards well—at whatever moment in life they are dealt me.  I cannot succeed, if I do not play the cards dealt me.

At any moment in life, each person is dealt a hand to play with.  They are the cards a person must play at that time.  Refusing to play the cards is not a reasonable option, if a person wants to succeed and win in life.  I know the cards will change in the next hand; they will change either for the better or worse, but they will change.

As I look around in society, I see too many people who are unwilling to play the cards dealt them.  They get angry about the cards.  They whine about the cards.  They violently try to take someone else’s cards.  They are unwilling to play the hand dealt them at that moment in life.  They will never succeed.  They will never win in life with this attitude.  They will constantly be miserable, dissatisfied, jealous, envious, fearful, and many more destructive character qualities.

What cards have you been dealt at this moment in life?  Will you play them?  I am not saying you will like them, but will you play them?  To succeed in life, means playing the cards dealt to you.  When you do…life will blossom, and the fragrance of a healthy life will cause joy to you and others.

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